The Miracle of your Glandular System.

Chapter Ten


Although you may not know much about the biological operation of the glands, or be conversant as to their relation to one another, or the scientific terms needed to describe their anatomical virtues, the glands must be stimulated if you want to enjoy the benefits sure to follow.

You will have better organic health, an increase in mental performance, and realize that you possess hidden within your brain an intelligence that knows no barriers, no limitations. There is no special remedy needed to build up the glandular system. There is only one way. Correct body movements.

We must recharge the system through studied action. We have to use every feasible, possible, plausible motion and movement of the body. We have to stretch every joint, all the sinews, and all the ligaments. We have to learn stretching and tensing through relaxation. We need to study relaxation first. It is only possible for you to relax when you retain the breath. Retain the breath, and everything becomes limp and relaxes just like a rag. You withdraw all feeling and all weight from your body. Exercise every part of the body the same way. They must move the same way. You must become conscious of the fact that there is no weight to the body. This requires consciousness of mind. It is a mental application.

In all our body movements we should always apply our mind to what we are doing, but always and at the same time the desire to feel relaxed. In putting down your foot on a chair lightly, you will feel no weight, and yet you put it down with absolute certainty, perfectly relaxed. Should you feel any tension, breathe out. The tension then is gone.

These glandular exercises are not to develop the glands, but to activate them. The glands cannot be fed, but you can regulate the warmth of your blood and keep comfortable. You can, in fact, overheat the blood by eating the wrong foods. Some persons have warm hands, but dry; that means their blood is overheated. The same with the feet; the skin should be warm and soft, smooth like velvet or satin. That is the way you should feel when going through the exercises. You must feel conscious of every part of the body, of our physical and mental vigor, pride in ourselves.

When practicing your glandular exercises you should be conscious of the motion and movements of your body. All motions done in a perfectly relaxed state stir the whole of the glandular system. We must feel that stir from the top of the head to the soles of the feet. When we do not have that stirring feeling it is because we are still tense

It is difficult to describe that stir, but it is like the tremolo in the voice. While your muscles may be massaged and manipulated, your vertebrae adjusted, your joints loosened, sinews stretched, and the body in general aroused, none of these applications reaches the glands in general aroused, none of these applications reaches the glands which in their nature and operations decidedly differ from the circulatory and the ganglionic systems. The glands are in a class by themselves. These can be stirred by mechanical vibrations akin to the operations of the mind. However, violence repels the glands. The more force we use, the less they will respond.

As the gland systems are two-fold in their operations, it is possible that this is where the physical propensities assert themselves. During your growth and development you increase their operations as far as the emptying of elements into the blood stream is concerned, and the emptying of compounds into the organic side, the functional side is concerned, yet the inner secretions are witheld with too much physical exertion and with it further development of the brain cells is retarded.

Exercise In A Relaxed State

The movements you will learn are all you need to know. When you start practicing with yourself you just begin to realize how many joints there are in your physical care. You have to do them if you are to quicken the glandular system, which entwines every part of your body. You will need to do these exercises.

You can take all your various joint exercises before the mirror and every kind of a movement, where there are joints and do it perfectly relaxed. Do not tense, do not force. Be perfectly relaxed in going through the various motions. And then you threw your hands around you and keep on touching up each part of the body and get hold of your hands behind you. In all these positions you must throw out your chest. Be proud of yourself, proud of your physical achievements.

All of the postures and positions are for the quickening of the glandular system. Once you start practicing, you must practice every day. You should repeat your exercises every twelve hours. You have to do that so as to succeed, so as to gain your increase of glandular activity.

PRACTICE EVERY DAY ! Irregularity will not work.

Nature needs to recuperate, has to adjust herself every twenty-four hours. Two hours out of every twenty-four she selects for absolute recuperation. You may stand the less of one night's sleep, but if you lose two night's sleep, you begin to feel it. Three night's sleep lost, then you begin to draw upon your vitality, your reserve fund. If you were to keep it up, you would collapse; then it takes long to build up.

Once we begin a thing we have to keep at it, and each day we get a step farther toward our goal; with each day we are growing mentally stronger. where once we did not understand the glandular system with all our charts and manikins before us --- we did not fully comprehend. Now we understand what we must do. Now we gain control over ourselves and become conscious of every joint and every organ. We begin to feel every gland, we feel it in the fingers. They have to do our exercises, until we are perfectly limp.

Our object is to gain control over the biceps and triceps which connect with the spirit.

With the ideal, our perception is sharper. You are now equal to any person living. Soon you will be able to place hands on back of a chair and lift it with no weight. Do not move it with weight. Do not allow the chair to touch the floor once you start. It goes of its own accord. You move it with your own magnetism. Use the lower part of the palms, not the fingers. It should come back to its own position without any body contact. Keep your hands flat so as not to cut the magnetism. A sharp edge will cut the magnetism. There must be no pressure, no weight in the hands.

The principle thing to know is that every exercise must be taken with understanding. The mind should dwell on each movement. Every joint of the body must be relaxed. This can only be accomplished through constant repetition. We should exercise twice a day.

Knowledge of the ethereal side of the glandular system has become quite universal. Scientific giants realize the inestimable value of this great revelation. Hopes and visions are at last fulfilled!

What once seemed a privilege to but a few has become an inheritance, a birthright to all. Stirring the glands to a higher rate of vibrations opens up the occult realm of the brain and reveals through the mind the unlimited intelligence.

You are now ready to begin your approach to Cosmic Awareness.


(1) Hidden within your brain is an intelligence that knows no barriers or limitations.

(2) The only way to build up the glandular system is with correct body movements.

(3) The glandular exercises are not to develop the glands, but to activate them.

(4) The exercises should be repeated every twelve hours.

(5) The glandular exercises must be taken with understanding.

Chapter Eleven


Details and correlations of the human glandular system were presented in the preceding chapters. Only a few explanations are necessary for the following pictures of exercises in order to make the essential meaning of each exercise clear. As we combine each exercise and position with what was said previously, it reveals to us much more than the few explanations seem to suggest. One will realize this to the degree of his interest and dedication.

For all glands and organs…

(a) Lie flat on your back allowing your legs to bend at the knee and hang freely over the edge of a bed or table. Push your fingers under your ribs. Empty your lungs in long, rhythmic exhalations. (b) As you practice this body movement, direct total attention to your chest. You will soon find the proper position for this point of focus as you slowly pull in the abdomen. Let it gradually pull higher and higher as one would tune the strings of a violin.

Strengthen the Abdomen...

(a) Lie flat on your back allowing your 1egs to bend at the knee and hang freely over the edge of a bed or table. Push your fingers under your ribs. Pull one foot as close as possible to the buttocks, but without being tense. Repeat with the other foot.

(b) Do this body movement for three minutes, six hours apart to gradually eliminate weakness in the abdomen.

(a) Lie on your right side. As you relax, slowly pull the left knee up and press it to the chest using both hands. Turn on your left side and repeat with the right knee.

(b) Practice this body movement for three minutes, six hours apart, to gradually control heart and liver problems.

New Life for Reproduction Glands...

(a) Sit on a straight chair. Then tuck the right ankle under the left thigh. Let your leg dangle freely over the floor. Clench your fist and, without tension, stretch your arms forward and back. Change positions of the legs and repeat.

(b) Practice this movement for three minutes, six hours apart, to help strengthen reproduction glands.

For the Kidneys...

(a) Sit cross legged (Oriental Style) on a chair. Cross your arms and use your elbows to spread the knees --- at first with your arms crossed, then gradually pull your arms further apart until your hands are clasped together.

(b) Do not exert pressure with your elbows and avoid tension. The spreading of the knees should be done gently so that you remain in a relaxed position.

Practice this body movement for three minutes, an hour apart, to help free yourself from kidney ailments.

For the Back and Spine...

(a) Sit cross legged (Oriental Style) on a chair. Lift one arm high into the air and stretch the other arm down as far as possible, without tension. Clench your hands lightly. Repeat with the other arm.

(b) Do this body movement for three minutes, 6 hours apart, to keep the back, spine, fingers, arms and shoulders supple and flexible.

For the spleen...

(a) Sit on the floor with your legs stretched and touch your toes, if possible, but without tension.

(b) The spine should remain as straight as possible and the knees down. Practice this body movement for three minutes, six hours apart.

Note: The spleen is the reservoir for the "electrism" of the body and the body takes from its reservoir according to its needs.

If, however, the spleen is out of order, an abundance of electric power goes directly to the brain where it stirs the imagination to intense activity.


In order to achieve permanent success, sufficient electricity is needed in our body to eradicate old damages and prevent new complications.

To Restore Body Balance...

(a) Sit on the floor with your legs stretched out in front of you. Clasp your hands behind your neck, keeping the elbows back as far as possible. Keep your back and neck straight. Then pu1l one foot towards you and place it flat on the floor with the heel as close to the buttocks as you can manage without tension. Alternate with the other foot.

(b) Do this body movement for three minutes, six hours apart.

For bowels and gall bladder...

(a) Sit on the floor with legs stretched out in front of you. Then pull up both your legs simultaneously until your heels touch the buttocks. Clasp your hands behind your neck, keeping the elbows back as far as possible without tension. Turn your torso to one side and then the other.

(b) Practice this body movement for three minutes, six hours apart.

For the Glands...

(a) Lower the body to a squatting position, with both feet flat on the floor. Then stretch one leg forward, sideways and behind, to the tune of a melody which you hum or sing. Repeat with the other leg. Throw a fist forward and to the side, then repeat with the other arm and leg.

Put one hand on the resting knee and throw the other fist forward, sideways, and back, to the rhythm of a melody.

(b) Practice this body movement for three minutes, six hours apart. The rejuvenated glands produce an etherealized saline which refreshes the whole body.

For the Brain...

(a) Lower the body to a squatting position. Move your feet forward, back, to the side, or in any order --- jumping occasionally while still in the squatting position.

(b) This body movement, gradually practiced --- for three minutes, six hours apart --- has also been known to have a therapeutic value for paralysis.

For the Nerves...

(a) Sit on the floor with your legs stretched in front of you. Put your fists at the base of your neck in your shoulder cavities. Inhale and hold your breath for a moment, then touch the soles of your feet with your fingers reaching as far up the bottom of your feet as possible without tension. Keep the upper part of your body straight, bending only at the hips.

While leaning forward --- exhale, and after a short pause, inhale. Then assume the first position again and repeat.

(b) Practice this body movement for three minutes, six hours apart.


A Glandular Exercise

Position: Sit upright in a chair, raising the chest up and out, the shoulder blades drawn backward, with the chin slightly drawn in. Keep this position throughout the whole of the exercise, never lowering the chest no matter what motion you make. Always move in rhythm with the melody, as you sing it.

(1) Rotate both hands around each other about 10 inches from your chest, keeping your mind on the rotating parts; this will relax them. Rotate first forward, away from you, and then backward, toward you, keeping elbows still. Perform each movement the length of the melody.

(2) Throw one arm up and then the other, straight up and down, while the arms remain relaxed, moving in rhythm with the melody. Then throw both arms up and down together at the same time, with the melody.

(3) Rotate the arm in a circle close to the sides of the body, with closed fists. Bring your arm forward, keeping elbows bent and close, slightly raising the shoulder as you raise fists. Rotate arms first forward and then backward.

(4) With the spine erect rotate the head on the axis, first to the right and then to the left. Next throw the head forward and backward as far as the axis will permit. Next move the head from right to left as far as possible, as if you are trying to look behind you without moving your shoulders, in rhythm with the melody.

(5) Close your fists loosely and with a relaxed wrist, tap your chest with the right hand twice while tapping with the left only once. Then pound with both fists at the same tine all over the chest in a circular pattern, still keeping the wrist relaxed.

(6) Raise the arms and fold then in front of you at the elbow and grab with each hand the opposite shoulder, holding on tightly. In this position rotate the body from the small of the back upward. Keep the spine erect and keep the chest wall up and out during the rotation. Rotate first to the right and then to the left. Next, in the same position, move the body as far forward and backward as you can, always with the spine perfectly erect.

(7) Sitting in an up right position, throw your right leg and then your left leg from the knee straight out, throwing your right leg to the left and the left leg to the right, alternating in rhythm with the melody. Then draw both 1egs up towards your chest as high as possible without loosing your balance of using your hands, moving the 1egs quickly up and down touching with your feet the floor lightly, in rapid succession.

(8) Stretch your right leg straight out in front of you while you rotate the foot from the ankle, first to the right and then to the left. Then do the same with the left leg and foot. With your feet flat on the floor, pound with both fists (wrists relaxed and loose fists) up and down from the thigh to the ankle alternating with the right and left fist.

(9) While sitting upright very relaxed, drop your hands on the thighs. Sing the song one time more, emphasizing the words at the beginning and the end of each stanza as you forcibly breathe out the words of the song in a semi-whisper.


A Glandular Exercise

(You will find this melody in Avesta in Song, on page 182.)

This exercise is especially important for the awakening of the petuitary and the thymus glands as well as other glands in our system.

When we sing the words, tra la la, we roll our tongue upwards --- so that the tip of the tongue strikes the upper soft palate. There in that palate are located the nerve ends through which we can stimulate the pituitary gland.

(1) Move both arms straight forward as far as possible. Hold the hands sideways with the fingers pointing towards each other, the fingers slightly bent. As you bring your arms toward you in rhythm with the melody, tap your fingers on the center of your chest where the lower ribs come together. When the melody of the song reaches the last part of the second line, place both fingertips in the same place where you have tapping. With pressure on the fingertips, vibrate up and down until the end of the melody.

(2) Move both arms straight out to the side of the body. Stick out your thumbs and bend your elbows, bringing the arms back close to the body and raising then slightly so that the thumbs strike the upper part of both shoulders just below where the shoulder slopes away from the neck. Here are located nerve ends which, when struck with the thumb, will stimulate the whole nervous system. When you arrive at the same place in the melody as in Exercise number one, repeat the same as in number one until the end of the melody.

You can do many variations of this exercise, depending upon what part of the body you want to stimulate.

For example, the exercise to improve hearing. While you sing, place both middle fingers into your ears and vibrate with the fingers shuting out the sound. In the second part of the exercise, repeat the second portion of Exercise number one.

If you want to stimulate the eyes, place the middle fingers into the corners of the eye without touching the eye itself, and vibrate to the center of your nose causing the eyeballs to move back and forth. Always return to the second part of Exercise number one.

Another variation is to place your fists in your back right on the spot where the kidneys are, the hollow of the small of the back. There press with your fists and frotate the kidneys. In the second part, return to the center of the chest.

In still another variation, you can raise both arms and then place then in a folded position --- while your fingertips pound the shoulder close to your neck.

Never forget that regardless of what notions you make, keep the tongue rolled up, tickling the soft palate as we sing tra la la.

The reason we sing while making the body movements is that the song is the inner massage and the physical movements are the outer massage.

Only in this manner can we stir the glands to greater activity so that the vital parts produced by the glands empty and are carried directly to the brain.


A Glandular Exercise

This exercise is especially beneficial for the kidneys, the adrenals, and the gonads.

Select a sturdy stool or chair for the exercise. The melody is an ancient Arabic melody used in the Arabian Desert by the camel drivers in charge of the caravans. The leader sang the song and the camels followed in its rhythm.

Imagine that you are riding on a camel. Remember that a camel does not walk like a horse but sways from side to side in a jerky motion. Then occasionally the camel steps into a hole which causes you to bounce up, then down. When you bounce up and down is left entirely up to you --- since you never know when a camel will step into a hole.

Keep one basic rule in mind; the head must always be above the spine with the spine firm and erect. All the swaying and bouncing is done in the hip region, never lowering the head.

Each motion follows the melody which was written in accordance to the rhythm of a camel as it walks. It is difficult to describe the notion. RANA-BA-MOYA... RANA-BA-YA-MOYA... RANA-YI-LEILIDUM-SU-UK-NO... RANA-YA-MO-YA.

While going around the oval shape, you make about seven rocking bounces, moving forward and backward according to the rhythm of the melody.

For the Stimulation of the thymus and thyroid :

Sit in an upright position with the spine erect, the chest up and out and the chin slightly drawn in, until the head rests directly over the spine. While you inhale or exhale the upper chest wall does not move --- it remains stationary.

All the motions of this exercise are made following the rhythm of the melody of the song, I Leave Thee Not, in the Avesta in Song, page 178.

In a sitting position, stretch your right arm straight out in front of you with the hand open. As you return your arm toward the body, close your hand and form an Egyptian fist where the thumb closes ever the ring finger. As you move your arm backward, make a half turn with your fist so that your fingers are now on top.

Then in a quick motion, bend your elbow and let the arm pass your body moving backwards as far as possible with a jerk. Then come forward with your arm into the original position and repeat the movements for the length of the melody until you reach the word "Electrify." Stop there and repeat the same movements with your left arm. Do this for the length of the melody to the same stop. Then make the same motions with both arms at the sane time and again stop at the same place.

When we have repeated this routine first with the right arm and then with the left arm and then with both arms together, we come to the part of the melody where we change the notions at the word "Electrify" --- we throw out our arms part way with the hands open and the fingers curved inward so that you can tap the chest in short rhythmic taps --- hitting the middle of the chest on either side of the center. When the melody changes to the "every body" part, throw out the arms to their full length, still tapping the chest in the same way. When the melody and words change to "now and for-ever-more," draw in your arms to about 8 inches from your chest. Then tap rapidly in quick motion using force, the same as before. Repeat this exercise three times.


(1) You must have faith in the principle of growth.

(2) We must pay attention to and practice body movements that will stimulate glandular activity.

(3) We know that each body cell is absolutely individual.

(4) We knew that our glands are the key factor in our living process.

(5) I must think as a great master artist in creating, sustaining and energizing body, mind and spirit.

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