The seven breathing exercises

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Take a seat upon a chair, with feet resting firmly upon the floor. Sit as far back in the chair as your body will allow without your shoulders touching the back of the chair. Throw out your chest, raising it just a trifle, at the same time drawing in the abdominal region. Shoulders are Thrown gently back and drooping just a little; hands resting upon lower limbs, elbows touching the hip bone, thumbs thrown out in form of a V, fingers drawn out without directly touching each other. Feet are separated, toes about five to seven inches apart, heels only one or two inches, thus forming the letter V.

Lips are closed, teeth separated, tongue resting upon lower part of mouth, tip of tongue touching lower teeth and gently curved under, and perfectly flattened and relaxed. Chin is drawn in sufficiently to show an independent air The whole position is perfectly erect, with all the muscles relaxed but spinal column firm The position must be so taken that the back of the body is always turned toward the light.

Select some object of a dull nature which will have no tendency to suggest or induce drifting thought currents. A penny may be chosen if desired. Place the object four to seven feet from you in a position level with your eyes. Look at it steadily, but do not allow the eyelids to droop. In this position you will notice that ideas of a drifting nature no longer have a hold upon your mind, and you are in the right position to concentrate, as the whole secret of success in the unfoldment of knowledge lies in the ability to concentrate. If the chair proves too high, place a book under the feet that they may be raised to the desired position. If the chair proves too low, place a book on the seat of the chair and sit upon it. As soon as correct position is determined, everything is in readiness to proceed.

Empty the lungs, first by exhaling all the air you possibly can with perfect ease, but use no effort or strain. Everything in this work is to be done easily, gracefully and with perfect tranquillity. Now inhale through the nostrils only, slowly, gently, fully, and with perfect rhythm for seven seconds. Begin by filling the upper lobes of the lungs as much as the position taken will allow naturally and without effort, then the remainder of the respiratory organs even to the utmost. In the exhalation observe the same rule, controlling the action of the lungs so as to prevent spasms, unevenness, or rapidity --- all must be done in perfect waves and circles.

While inhaling this Breath of life, with eyes steadily centered upon the object before you, concentrate your mind functions upon the Breath itself, following the current of Breath mentally as it enters the nostrils, along the air tubes into the lungs, and as it expands the chest and diaphragmatic region. Then as you exhale follow the reverse current.

During This process of breathing think of Ga-Llama, the centralizing life principle, convinced in your own mind that it is for the purpose of building up cellular tissues throughout the entire system, thereby insuring a foundation for the regenerative or child life. Breathe with the knowledge that Breath is the life principle, and that the object of breathing is to reach perfect consciousness. The exercise alone without the concentration, will only partly do the work, and the result will be according. The concentration without the exercise will only assure mental gratification for the time being, but will not produce anything of a lasting nature.

To be clear upon this subject before entering upon the execution of the exercise given, it will be well to understand that breathing is for the purpose of keeping the blood in circulation. The office of the heart is simply to distribute the blood, but its purification and circulation is left to the action of the lungs. The physical breath simply retains the oxygen necessary for the purification of the blood, thus relieving it of carbon and aiding in the furtherance of circulation. When the body, the physical manifestation, meets with any obstacles, it is principally because of the inactivity of the respiratory organs, and breathing must be resorted to as the only true means of relief.

In systematic, concentrated breathing, you not only breathe in oxygen for the purification and furtherance of the circulation of the blood, but you also take into your being Ga-Llama, the centralizing life principle, although unconscious of it because of the inability to discover its presence by the aid of any instrument. Like the atomic theory, which has never been proved, Ga-Llama serves as a term to explain the inexplicable. Yet Ga-Llama is a reality, because its existence can be proved by mental perception, spiritual understanding and the senses.

Ga-Llama is not a new term. It has been used to designate the life principle as discovered by the ancients as far back as 142,000 years ago, and more. It has been recognized that there is a principle by which can be established the consciousness of sense conditions whereby the hidden, the unknown, the incomprehensible, the mysterious, The marvelous, the wonderful, can be made known and simplified to the senses when brought down to this plane.

Ga-Llama is not the Logos of the Greek, or the spirit of the modern philosopher. This Ga-Llama is the very foundation of your existence, and fills all Zarvan Akarana. You breathe it, yet in your inability to understand and comprehend its presence, you may not always keep it, but lose it, because of the rapidity with which it is partaken, and when lacking the power of attraction. As soon as you become conscious of it and feel the desire to draw it unto you, you become filled with it, and through its accumulating presence get into harmony with the universe which unfolds your individuality to infinity. With every indrawn breath you take on new life. With every expiration you return that force to the universe, that you may pay a tribute of thanks to the Eternal One.

As you follow out these instructions you will more fully understand why at present you possess only the Mother Breath, which Breath, being limited, decrees the time of earth life in accordance with the capacity of Breath entertained by the mother at time of conception. Thus it is that a person apparently in perfect health may be called to Abraham's bosom whether prepared or not to meet the Great Gatherer beyond the mystic portals. As soon as that Mother Breath comes to an end, the last sigh has escaped. The Mother Breath also decides the conditions and environments of existence, and you only free yourself from this ban of slavery by establishing your Individual Breath, and to this end you take up this work.

To make this exercise plainer, so that no one may err, your attention is called to the fact that the Individual Breath requires the inhalation of seven seconds, and the exhalation of an equal period. The Mother Breath in its highest phase is of three seconds, and if of a lesser period it looks very sad for existence in this land. You are to be able to inhale for seven seconds, and to exhale for seven seconds. This exercise is to be taken, as described above, for three minutes at a time, three times a day-three minutes in the morning, three minutes at noon, and three minutes before sunset, making nine minutes assigned to the exercise for the whole day. Surely these minutes cannot be used for a better purpose than to create for yourselves a new body and better conditions to govern it. Do not take it for a half hour after meals.

You are to gradually learn to enable yourself to inhale for seven seconds and to exhale for seven seconds. To do this, begin by inhaling for a period of four seconds, allowing one second of rest for a change to the reverse current, then exhale for a period of four seconds, emptying the lungs thoroughly. Do not use force, or breathe rapidly. To avoid counting the time, make use of some well-known melody. Think it mentally, first more rapidly, then later on, lengthen the time until you cover the space of seven seconds for each inhalation and each exhalation; then rest one second before repeating.

Remember that all other ideas are to be banished from your mind. Keep your mind centered upon breathing only. No matter how excited, nervous, tired or dull your mind may be, as soon as you take up this exercise you will feel fully satisfied with its results. The nervous system will be calmed because of the generation of electric force; the mind relieved because of the tranquil state secured through concentration. The body will feel more exhilarated because of the more normal circulation of the blood.

In all breathing exercises it will be necessary to remember that you prepare for the exercise proper by completely emptying the lungs. This is accomplished better by taking a PRELUDE Breath. Begin by breathing short breaths. One breath in; one breath out. In, out; in, out; in, out, six or more times; and then when you have emptied the lungs with a long OUT, you are ready to inhale according to the instructions for the exercise. Whenever short of breath, take a prelude breath and then a few full breaths, and you will always feel relieved and happier.

Thus day by day you will lay a foundation that will insure perfect health, long life, clear mind, expanded brain capacity, all of which will make life worth living.
Unto this end let all things prosper.

With blessings of all good things,
OTOMAN, Prince of Adusht.


Stand erect with arms to the sides of body, head up, chin drawn in sufficiently to show a spirit of independence, eyes steadily gazing upon spot before you, not more than seven feet away. Body must be in a perfectly relaxed condition, but spinal column must be firm and erect, as the spinal cord is the seat of the soul. The weight of body is to be balanced upon the balls of the feet. To succeed in doing this gracefully allow the body to swing easily forward and back. No weight is to be allowed to rest upon the heels. Keep the mouth closed, teeth separated, the tip of tongue, resting against lower teeth, as in first exercise.

While inhaling, and following the currents of breath intuitively, gently raise the body and allow the weight to balance toward the tips of toes, inhaling slowly and harmoniously for seven seconds. Now lower the body to its former position, gradually exhaling and giving it that graceful swing so natural to a controlled body.

You are to remember when going through this exercise, if immediate results are to be expected therefrom, to clinch the hands tightly while inhaling. Do this thoroughly but gradually. Clinch fists tighter and tighter and tighter, yet without any effort, and be careful not to tense the muscles or to grind the teeth in the least. In exhaling, gradually relax your fists and allow the weight of body to rest upon the balls of the feet, and although heels touch the floor, no weight must he felt thereon.

To relax easily all you have to do is to empty your lungs thoroughly and allow your knees to bend forward about one tenth of an inch. This will bring your weight to the ball of the feet and make you feel lighter as well as limber. Do not exercise more than three minutes at a time and not more than twice a day to begin with. This exercise is best taken during waking hours. Do not take the exercise immediately after meals. You may have the exercise follow the first exercise providing the latter has been practiced for at least two weeks, and the breath of seven seconds for the space of three minutes can be taken conveniently.

This exercise is to be made use of in your daily walking. After you have become accustomed to the balancing of the body forward and backward, take several steps while inhaling, then while taking a few more steps learn to retain breath for just a few seconds. You will soon find that after a little practice this exercise will prove of inestimable value for the reason that it will aid in the re-establishment of the generation of electric currents in the foot region, upon which our hearing greatly depends.

In one of the village towns of ancient lore, it so happened that a little baby boy was taken seriously ill and vomited. One of the neighboring women who was present at the time, told the news to her aunt that afternoon, and remarked that what the baby threw up was as black as a raven. Aunty made a call on her way home on a distant relative, and brought her the news that she just heard of a certain baby that had vomited a black raven. This caused quite a stir among her relatives and many gathered in the evening to hear the story from the elderly aunt, who, in her fervor and excitement, related the incident of a child that had vomited three black ravens.

It would not be proper for you to pass judgment upon anything in the nature of hearsay, except to recognize the possibility of the truth being stretched as there is no ill intention on anybody's part to add anything to the original. When your sense of hearing will have reached the higher order of development, you will be able to understand things more fully and be less liable to relate things that would be apt to have the appearance of being deeply colored. You are to be careful not to pass any judgment upon your neighbor, and you shall enjoy the time when everybody around you will mind their own business, but if such be your desire you must first mind your own business and not wait for others to take the lead. You must lead, then the rest will follow.

With blessings of all good things,
OTOMAN, Prince of Adusht.


Take the same position as in the first exercise. Always be certain you take a firm position and that your teeth are separated, the tongue resting in a perfectly relaxed condition in the lower part of the mouth. Not that your tongue needs the much desired rest, but so the air you inhale can more readily pass through the air tube. It will also help to strengthen the larynx, and you will find that even your voice becomes clearer and more melodious after a few exercises.

Place on the floor in front of you, about one foot from the toes of your shoes, some dull object, say a copper penny --- an ordinary cent. Not that we intend to concentrate upon money, not at all. It is not dollars that we are after in this work, but sense. For that reason we select a cent, as it will be the least suggestive of money matters. By sitting down and concentrating on money we find that it will not come unless we get a move on us to get it, if to get money be our aim. Few can get anything they desire that money will buy, --- but health, understanding, intelligence, wisdom and all the attributes of a nobler existence cannot be bought. They can be acquired by diligent work and concentrating upon their true nature.

Steady the eyes upon this cent before you, not concentrating upon it, but simply using it as an object to steady your eyes upon. You gaze at it restfully, never losing sight of it, whatever the movement of your body may be. Be certain that you do not press your hands that are resting upon the lower limbs, as all of the muscles are to be relaxed except the spinal column, which is to be held erect and firm.

Now take your prelude breaths of short inhalations and exhalations, four or more times, and then empty your lungs as much as you can without using any effort, as effort means failure in all things. Then inhale fully and deeply, at the same time repeating mentally the sentence, "Breath Is Life."

While inhaling and thinking upon the sentence "Breath is Life," bend your body forward, gazing steadily at the cent before you, keeping head steady with the movement of the body. Remember that this movement is a hip movement, and it will help to reduce the size of the hips and expand the diaphragm, thus giving you a better and a more graceful shape. It will reduce those heavy bay windows of the three-hundred-pounder, and also round out the wasp-shaped funnel.

To avoid all possibility of suggestive ideas of a drifting nature, you emphasize one word of the sentence at a time. While inhaling, put special emphasis upon "Breath," while "is Life" is not to be emphasized. Bend forward while inhaling until you have reached a point where the floating ribs almost come in contact with the lower limbs. Of course, you must remember that your abdomen is to be drawn in gently in all the exercises.

As soon as you are through inhaling and bending forward, which is to be done very slowly and gently, you retain the breath, or hold it, as it were, while repeating the sentence, "Breath is Life," with emphasis on "is." You are not to choke yourself while retaining breath. Do not strain the muscles of the larynx or the chest, but stop inhaling and remain in the position as if intending to inhale longer. Repeat the sentence mentally, only somewhat more rapidly, to cover the space of about three or four seconds. Then exhale, repeating the sentence as during inhalation, "Breath is Life." putting emphasis upon "Life," and bend the body backward to its first position. Always empty your lungs thoroughly, yet with control.

This exercise is to be done from one to three times, a day, for not longer than three minutes at a time. Of course, it is understood that during breathing exercises the room should be well aired and properly ventilated and that your back be turned against the light. When bending forward seven seconds is to be consumed. Then hold the breath for three or four seconds and exhale for seven seconds or longer in returning to the first position.

You do not wish to overdo, but you are apt to lengthen your time of breathing to longer minutes than you would understand a minute to be. We would rather you would take less than overdo it. Whatever surplus electric force is generated through the work of breathing the system will store in the spleen for future cases of emergency, to supply the demand in time of need.

Your system may not be trained sufficiently for the storing up of much surplus electric force, and the vibrations of the nerve centers are liable to transfer their activity to brain cells directly under the control of the imaginary faculties. Certain temperaments are thus made more meditative, a condition we do not favor, as our work at present is that of concentration whereby the greatest possible good physically, mentally and spiritually may be derived. You cannot afford to throw yourselves into a state of apparent happiness for the purpose of gratifying the sensual nature.

You must continue to bear in mind that every system has its regulations, and if you earnestly desire to take advantage of these noble teachings you should give these exercises attention and follow them religiously, as you are the ones to derive the good from their observance.

As repeatedly said, these exercises are a means to an end only, and as soon as you have reached the desired state of unfoldment you will no longer be expected to follow them in routine. As long as you are disciples you follow the master. As soon as you are able to do the works of the master you are no longer to perform the duties of a disciple. It is as with the study of harmony, whatever method you take up, you are expected to follow it until you have acquired all that the masters in harmony can teach you. You must at first keep within the bounds of the rules laid down by harmony. As soon as you begin to master harmony you can break the rules apparently, to enter into fields peculiar to the regulations known and establish rules of your own. Until then you must keep at least to that which is made known unto you and know for yourself, so that you will never do anything but that which shall be according to perfect harmony.

With blessings of all good things,
OTOMAN, Prince of Adusht.


This exercise is to be taken four times each day.

In the morning you are to face the East, at noon turn toward the South, in the evening face the West, and before retiring for the night's slumber, turn the face toward the North.

And now to the work itself. Take a standing position as in second exercise. After you have taken the prelude breath and thoroughly emptied the lungs, inhale gradually and gently; at the same time swing the right arm, which is to be in a perfectly relaxed condition, with a circular motion in front of you, palm of hand turned toward the body. Make a perfect circular movement. Use your own judgment as to inhalation and exhalation. To begin with it will be the easiest to inhale while making three circles, and exhale while making the same number of movements. After you have swung the right arm around twelve times, bring arm up as though to make one more revolution, but stop when hand is above the head, clench the fist while taking a full breath, then by bending forward with hip movement, touch the floor in front of you with the knuckles of the fist, after which rise gradually, exhaling at the same time, and throw arm up into position with a backward circular movement. Go through the same procedure with left arm swinging the same twelve times in a circular motion then clench fist and touch the floor in front of you as you did with the right. Observe the proper inhalations and exhalations with perfect rhythm. Be particular to hold the breath while making the downward movement to touch the floor, and exhale when bringing the arm back to position. If you do not touch the floor at first, do not feel discouraged. Bend the body as far forward as you are able, but do not bend the knees. Remember, it is to be a hip movement entirely.

Of course, by this time you will have learned that you cannot be harnessed into corsets, bustles, and other unsightly trappings which act as impediments to your easy and graceful movements. By the development of body and mind all the deficiencies that seem a disgrace to you, all crippled and deformed conditions which suggest the use of some of the many deceptions in vogue to hide them from public gaze, will be brought to a normal state by natural means. You will not only reduce those protruding abdomens and flabby cheeks, but will develop the bust, neck, face, arms and chest into their perfect form and beauty, besides assuring to yourself perfect health, a clear and unbiased mind, normal brain conditions, and a living soul to again place you in a position to enjoy the proper attitude of life.

This exercise is to be done after meals; that is, when meals have been taken. If no meals are eaten, so much the better.

You will notice that in case a meal has been a trifle too heavy, this exercise will act as an excellent relief from dyspeptic and indigestive conditions; yet this is not the main object, although even to this end it would be worth observing. It will aid in the digestion of food. It will help in concentrating your mind that you may take a more proper attitude in the observation of your labor, but the main point is your taste will become more refined, more sensitive, thus enhancing the sense of smell, which is accomplished in part by the preceding exercise.

You now have four exercises to go through with daily, to be taken in the order as given. We now proclaim that this exercise in connection with the previous ones, followed daily, will aid in overcoming all obnoxious habits, such as flesh-eating, liquor-bibbing, smoking, chewing, drugging, and the like. You must necessarily build up a character that will be strong enough to see the folly of your position, and help to overcome all evil habits in a perfectly natural way by simply out growing them, until you find yourself freed, never again to wallow in their filth and degradation. In time you will become very particular as to what you eat and drink, taste or smell, because of the extreme delicacy of the senses. The odor of liquor or tobacco, and the effluvium of burning grease and flesh will become nauseating because you have been lifted to a higher plane, where purity of food and environment are necessary for a harmonious existence. Purity of body will produce purity of mind, and the ideas flowing therefrom will be of an elevating nature. There will no longer be a desire to enter into conversation about the neighbors and acquaintances, and associations with gossip and hypocrisy will be strenuously shunned. Selfishness will be overcome and harmony with nature and all mankind will prevail.

With blessings of all good things,
OTOMAN, Prince of Adusht.


Stand up as in the former exercise, bearing in mind that whether standing or walking you are to throw the weight of the body upon the balls of the feet, or, in other words, balance the weight of the body, and you will soon find to your astonishment that there is no weight to the body at all. You could run up and down stairs all day long and consider it a pleasure, even feel as if you would like to glide down the banister, you are so happy, so light. We see hundreds of our pupils going home, after working or shopping all day, gliding like the gowns of flying angels down the street. Watch them. You will be able to see a smile on their faces, even a sweet expression of joy and satisfaction. They grow younger every day and more beautiful in form and symmetry. They no longer wear corsets or other harness, for after the third or fourth lesson the fallacy dawns upon them of being slaves to harnessed conditions and they free themselves. They know they can prove that by their exercising they are developing the muscles as well, although no particular attention to their development is given. It is the natural result of proper breathing in the correct position, with a mind concentrated.

In this exercise you throw your arms out in front of you by the power of the will, which is the thought of "Be it so" or "Let there be." By the command of the mind, with muscles of the whole body relaxed, spine firmer than ever, and an air about as independent as any monarch or potentate, the functions of the body must respond. As soon as you have taken your "prelude breaths" inhale gradually and simultaneously by the command of the mind, and the execution of the will cause the muscles to become tense --- not strained. The hands must remain limp at all times. The tensing only reaches the wrist. In exhaling you relax muscles again. You repeat this in that position three times. Three inhalations, three exhalations. At the time you take the fourth inhalation you move the arms outstretched to the side of body even a trifle to the back. Now you exhale. Inhale again, which will be the seventh time, you bring arms back again to their original position with fingertips facing but not touching. Not that you may be injured in the least thereby, but it may give you an unpleasant experience after some practice. At first you only notice a peculiar tingling sensation, yet you will feel peculiar shocks even the first time the fingers touch. This is to be avoided, as the desire is simply to distribute the phosphatic fluids to the extremities of the hands, and later on to the extremities of the body in general for the equalization of the electric conditions in the body, and the awakening of nerve centers heretofore inactive because of the shock received at the time of birth, when the cord was severed in a very crude and unscientific manner by the inexperienced hands of a physician or obstetrician. We must forgive the latter; they knew no better, and God in all His mercy will not call them to account, for He is merciful and just and will forgive us all our sins and cleanse us from all iniquities.

In going through your exercises you do not want to become enthused and run about the neighborhood and enquire as to your appearance, or brag about the wonderful benefits you are receiving from the work. It is nobody's business what you do. Your inquisitive friends will notice soon enough the great change for the better and will be only too anxious to learn of the methods you use in acquiring such a youthful appearance and such excellent health. They will come to you as you have come here, to learn, and they will yet sit at your feet with eagerness to learn as Mary at the feet of the master was anxious to take in his glorious sayings. And the end of it all will be that they will beg of you to take them to the fountain that they also may drink of its purifying waters. For though it is for you to tell them of your experiences, it is your duty as well to point out the way to them. They must tread the same path that you have trod if they would reach the goal. A thing not worth going after is not worth having.

This exercise can be taken three times a day, but do not take it oftener to begin with, nor with more than seven breaths. It is a very powerful exercise, so much so that it will make the fingers burn if you overdo it.

After some time you will notice a peculiar phosphorescent glow at the fingertips when entering a darkened room. For that reason it is better to close the hands after taking this exercise so as not to scare people. They might think that you control spooks and such things. It is our object to get away from all spook business and learn to comprehend all things in their proper, natural way. It must always be remembered that all phenomena, no matter how awe-inspiring or marvelous they seem at first sight, are based upon natural law and are in accordance therewith. Therefore the seemingly mysterious is no longer the source of superstitious ideas when the law upon which it is based is understood.

With blessings of all good things,
OTOMAN, Prince of Adusht.


We now come to an exercise where all our pupils bow their knees. There is a time in every man's life, whether Jew or gentile, heathen or Christian, when he shall bow his knees in reverence. The principal object of this exercise is to distribute the magnetic circles for aiding in the awakening of the spinal cord, thus expanding the realms of thought, enabling you to reason more logically and be able to perceive through the sense of feeling the inner physical mechanism of your being, guiding you by virtue of the activity of the brain cells to the enfoldment of a perfect consciousness and realization that you are one with God and nature.

Kneel at the back of a chair, bowing both knees at the same time. Don't fall upon the knees; do it as gracefully as you perform all previous exercises. Have the chair about three feet from you so you can take hold of the upright bars at back of chair, one in each hand. Hands as well as body are to be perfectly relaxed, and spinal column firm.

After the prelude breaths, inhale fully and deeply, at the same time tightening the grasp upon the chair bars. Inhale as long as you can conveniently without the use of effort, and without causing unpleasant feelings to any part of the body. Retain the breath as long as you can with ease, still holding tightly to the chair, and as you exhale gradually release your hold upon the bars. Exercise in this position for three minutes at a time, and not more than three times a day. You may take this exercise in the evening.

You need not feel alarmed over the peculiar sensation starting at the navel and distributing itself over the spinal region in an upward movement to the top of the head as well as downward to the lower extremities of the body. That peculiar warmth is caused by the generation of electric force in the nervous system, and that cool, fanning sensation felt about the body is the magnetic circles emanating from the inmost soul.

This position will bring a tranquillity and calmness over the mind and open up realms of untold joy. Yet what it will do for you remains for you to experience. But you must not overdo it because of the great benefits you are deriving from this exercise and others. You must not think the more the better. It is a very powerful exercise. As soon as you begin to feel the chair move before you, and your knees show the tendency to get above the floor, release the hands at once from the chair and stop the exercise for that day. It will not do to over-exercise if you are to develop all your brain functions equally. The curing qualities of this exercise must be experienced instead of explained. Gradually you will be led higher and higher into realms of consciousness, and wisdom will unfold unto you daily. Things you were unable to comprehend before begin to appear very simple. In fact, there will be nothing you cannot grasp and understand, and then you will comprehend that even the light which you thought comes from the sun is but the light of our own planet. You will understand that your senses in their deluded condition of yet undeveloped brain functions have miscomprehended the works divine, and that the sun is neither a fire ball, nor has it any more light than necessary for the sustenance of its own planetary conditions. You will understand that our planet is a light unto itself, and that "I am the light of the world."

Remaining in the position described, with all ideas banished from your mind, follow the current of inhalation as it enters the nostrils, the air tubes, and the lungs; forget even the name of GaLlama, the centralizing life principle; even Breath --- in fact, anything expressing a language. For the first time you will feel an inner charming power, that will captivate you, and, repeating this exercise, a burning will be felt, yet so soothing, so pacifying, that it will seem like the unfoldment of some fairy land. And again through repetition a wonderful light will appear --- the light of the soul. It will illumine your mind, warm your heart, set into ecstacy, as it were, your physical functions. Then draw all your thoughts from the circumference around you into your inmost self, and a sweet, soft breeze as the blowing of the gentle. North wind will linger around you, scattering delicious fragrance like the perfume of roses. You will feel a degree of grandeur no tongue or language will ever be able to express. Still on and on you will continue to go on this plane of eternal progression to which there is no end.

With blessings of all good things,
OTOMAN, Prince of Adusht.


You will find it most advisable when you wake up to stretch your body for a few seconds, air your body, sponge it with tepid water or cold, then rub it vigorously with your hands, breathing well at all times. Then dress, wash and get ready for this exercise, unless you have other simple ones you wish to go through, although you know you cannot take many exercises in succession, that you must distribute them the best you can during the day, although you may take two exercises together that will suit your peculiar temperament. Procure a milkpan for 6 or 8 cents, large enough to place both of your hands flat in the dish. Fill it with enough cold water to cover what is ordinarily called the wrist bone, you find it, as you look at your wrist, a little bone sticking out. That's it! To that wrist bone the water is to reach and half-way up, but not above it. In the center between your hands which must not touch, you place a cent, not a dollar. Place your hands in the water, stand erect and if stooping be careful that your spinal column does not bend, but simply stand bending only at the hips. Now inhale through your nostrils, as usual, a deep, full breath, pucker up your mouth, with tongue flat in your mouth, just as if you were going to whistle. You can whistle, if you want to. Whistle out all you can through the mouth, emptying your lungs to their utmost and take another breath, through nostrils, again exhaling through mouth, and again inhale and exhale. Note the current of breath going in and out, with the eyes steadied upon the cent. You do this every morning, before breakfast. The power will increase from day to day. The system feels heated for a time and the top of the head will throb gently, while the head will feel clearer and brighter. When taking this exercise, you may as well use the drawing up of water into the nostrils and throw it out through the same or spit it out through the mouth. You can use this water warm, and later on colder. With a little salt it will clear the passages and tone up The organ in general. After drying your hands, rub the palm of left with the right, then the back of left, in circular motion, and then with left hand rub the right, in motions always toward you. Do this until hands become smooth.

With blessings of all good things,
OTOMAN, Prince of Adusht.

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